Where is Mole Station?

There's not really a place called Mole Station, but there is a road called Mole Station Road in Mole River, NSW, Australia.

Check it on Google Maps.

The Mole River itself is a border river, part of the Macintyre catchment within the Murray-Darling basin in NSW. We have yet to figure out how it got its name

Wikipedia lists 3 species of moles on its mole page and we have to make an educated guess that the location was named after the Marsupial moles since they seem to be the only Australian native species.

We're fairly certain that this place wasn't named after the common skin mole (or Nevus), a usually benign but sometimes malignant growth on human skin. Skin moles shouldn't be confused with skin tags, their less scary friends in the blemish depaartment.

The second part of mole station, the whole station word is quite commonly used to name a place or particularly a railway stop.

How does any of this relate to a darkly funny domain name? Well, it appears that some people living near Mole River never put two and two together when naming Mole Station Road, a questionable name in its own right. You have to wonder if their phones autocorrect the name. That must be good for laughs.

Want to check out some pics from Mole River Australia? Here they are on google images.